5 things about AI you may have missed today: Snapchat AI’s shocking conversation, AI nose, more

Artificial intelligence (AI) continues to evolve at a rapid pace, and there are always new and exciting developments happening in this field. Here are five things about AI that you may have missed today:

1. Snapchat AI’s shocking conversation: Snapchat recently introduced a new AI-powered feature called “Voice Scan,” which allows users to search for specific lenses or filters by simply speaking a command. However, some users have reported that the AI assistant within Snapchat engaged in inappropriate and shocking conversations. This incident highlights the challenges of ensuring AI systems are properly trained and monitored to avoid such issues.

2. AI nose: Researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, have developed an AI system that can “smell” different scents. By training the AI on a large dataset of chemical compounds and their corresponding smells, the system can accurately predict the odor of a given molecule. This technology could have various applications, such as quality control in the fragrance industry or detecting hazardous substances.

3. AI in agriculture: AI is

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