6 New ChatGPT Features Include Prompt Examples & File Uploads – Search Engine Journal

OpenAI has recently introduced six new features to its ChatGPT language model, enhancing its capabilities and making it even more versatile. These updates include prompt examples and file uploads, providing users with more control and flexibility in their interactions with the AI-powered chatbot.

Prompt examples are a valuable addition to ChatGPT as they allow users to provide specific instructions or examples to guide the model’s responses. By including a few example messages in the conversation, users can now set the context and tone for the AI’s replies, resulting in more accurate and relevant answers. This feature is particularly useful when users want to ensure the AI understands the desired outcome or when they need to provide specific guidelines for a conversation.

Another exciting addition is the ability to upload files during the conversation. This feature enables users to share relevant documents, images, or any other file type with ChatGPT. By uploading files, users can provide additional context or reference materials to help the AI generate more informed responses. This feature is especially beneficial for

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