AI Can Already Design Better Cities Than Humans, Study Shows – ScienceAlert

Artificial intelligence (AI) has proven its ability to design cities more effectively than humans, according to a recent study. The research demonstrates that AI algorithms can generate urban layouts that are more efficient, sustainable, and aesthetically pleasing than those created by human urban planners.

Traditionally, city planning has been a complex and time-consuming process, requiring extensive human expertise and input. However, this study suggests that AI can streamline and enhance this process, leading to better-designed cities.

The researchers used a machine learning algorithm to analyze various urban planning factors, such as population density, transportation networks, and green spaces. The AI algorithm then generated multiple city layouts based on these factors, optimizing them for efficiency and sustainability.

The results were impressive. The AI-generated cities exhibited improved transportation networks, reduced commute times, and increased accessibility to amenities. Additionally, the algorithm prioritized green spaces, resulting in more parks and recreational areas within the city layouts.

Furthermore, the AI-generated cities were aesthetically pleasing, with visually

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