AI-Created Art Isn’t Copyrightable, Judge Says In Ruling That Could Give Hollywood Studios Pause

In a recent ruling that could have significant implications for the art world and Hollywood studios, a judge has declared that AI-created art is not eligible for copyright protection. The decision raises questions about the legal status of artwork generated by artificial intelligence systems and the ownership rights associated with it.

The case in question involved a dispute between a human artist and a company that used AI algorithms to generate artwork. The artist argued that the AI-generated pieces infringed upon their copyright, while the company claimed that the artwork was not subject to copyright protection as it was created by a machine.

The judge sided with the company, stating that copyright law only extends to works created by human authors. In the absence of a human creator, the judge concluded that the AI-generated art lacked the necessary human authorship to qualify for copyright protection.

This ruling has the potential to impact the entertainment industry, particularly Hollywood studios that have been increasingly exploring the use of AI in the creation of content. Many studios have been experimenting with AI algorithms to generate scripts

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