AI Drake song ‘not eligible’ for a Grammy, Academy CEO says – The Verge

In a recent statement, the CEO of the Academy has declared that an AI-generated song by Drake is not eligible for a Grammy award. The decision has sparked a debate about the role of artificial intelligence in the music industry and its recognition within prestigious award ceremonies.

The AI-generated song, titled “not eligible,” was created using advanced machine learning algorithms and was performed by an AI system designed to mimic Drake’s distinctive style. The track gained significant attention and popularity upon its release, leading many to question whether it should be considered for recognition at the Grammy Awards.

However, the Academy CEO firmly stated that the song does not meet the criteria for eligibility. According to the CEO, the Grammy Awards are intended to honor human creativity and artistic expression, which the AI-generated song lacks. The decision reflects the Academy’s belief that music is a deeply personal and human endeavor that cannot be replicated by machines.

This announcement has ignited a broader discussion about the role of AI in the music industry. While some argue that AI-generated music

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