AI working groups recommend setting up 24,500 GPUs of compute infra – The Hindu

Several artificial intelligence (AI) working groups have recently recommended the establishment of a compute infrastructure consisting of 24,500 graphics processing units (GPUs). These groups, comprised of experts and researchers in the field of AI, believe that such a setup would greatly enhance the capabilities and efficiency of AI systems.

The recommendation comes as AI continues to advance rapidly, with applications ranging from natural language processing to computer vision. However, the computational demands of AI algorithms are also increasing, necessitating more powerful hardware to support these complex calculations.

GPUs are particularly well-suited for AI workloads due to their parallel processing capabilities. They can handle multiple tasks simultaneously, making them ideal for training and running AI models. By setting up a compute infrastructure with 24,500 GPUs, AI systems would be able to process vast amounts of data and perform complex computations at an accelerated pace.

The proposed infrastructure would not only benefit AI researchers and developers but also various industries that rely on AI technologies. Sectors such as healthcare, finance

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