Apollo Hospitals ties up with Google to offer AI-powered consultations – Business Standard

Apollo Hospitals, one of India’s leading healthcare providers, has announced a partnership with Google to provide AI-powered consultations. This collaboration aims to enhance patient care and improve access to quality healthcare services.

Through this tie-up, Apollo Hospitals will leverage Google’s artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities to develop an AI-powered platform that will enable patients to consult with doctors remotely. This platform will utilize AI algorithms to analyze patient data and provide personalized recommendations and treatment plans.

The AI-powered consultations will enable patients to receive medical advice from Apollo’s renowned doctors without the need for physical visits. This will be particularly beneficial for patients in remote areas or those who are unable to travel to the hospital due to various constraints.

The collaboration with Google will also enable Apollo Hospitals to leverage Google Cloud’s secure and scalable infrastructure to store and manage patient data. This will ensure the privacy and security of patient information, complying with all applicable regulations.

The AI-powered platform will not only provide consultations but also offer additional features such as virtual follow-ups, prescription

Source (www.business-standard.com)

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