Apple is reportedly spending ‘millions of dollars a day’ training AI – The Verge

Apple is reportedly investing heavily in training artificial intelligence (AI) systems, spending millions of dollars every day. According to sources, the tech giant is committed to advancing its AI capabilities and is leaving no stone unturned in its pursuit.

AI has become an integral part of Apple’s products and services, powering features like Siri, facial recognition, and personalized recommendations. As the demand for AI-powered technologies continues to grow, Apple recognizes the need to stay ahead of the curve.

To achieve this, Apple is said to be allocating significant resources towards training its AI systems. This involves collecting and analyzing vast amounts of data to improve the accuracy and efficiency of its AI algorithms. By investing millions of dollars daily, Apple aims to enhance its AI capabilities and deliver a seamless user experience.

The company’s commitment to AI training is evident in its recent acquisitions of AI-focused startups and talent. Apple has been actively acquiring companies specializing in machine learning and AI technologies, further bolstering its expertise in this field. These acquisitions, combined with

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