Assisted by AI, a workforce of bees tracks pollution and boosts biodiversity – Microsoft News

In recent years, the decline in bee populations and the increasing threat of pollution have become major concerns for environmentalists and scientists worldwide. However, a unique collaboration between artificial intelligence (AI) and bees is offering a promising solution to these challenges. With the help of AI technology, a workforce of bees is now being utilized to track pollution levels and promote biodiversity.

The concept behind this innovative approach is to equip bees with tiny sensors that can detect and analyze pollutants in their surroundings. These sensors, developed using AI algorithms, are designed to be non-invasive and lightweight, ensuring they do not hinder the bees’ natural behavior or flight patterns. By collecting data on pollution levels, the bees essentially become environmental monitors, providing valuable insights into the health of their ecosystems.

The data collected by the bee sensors is then transmitted to a cloud-based AI system, where it is analyzed and processed. The AI algorithms can identify various types of pollutants, such as heavy metals, pesticides, and air pollutants, enabling scientists to gain a

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