British officials say AI chatbots could carry cyber risks – Reuters

British officials have raised concerns about the potential cyber risks associated with AI chatbots, according to a report by Reuters. The use of artificial intelligence in chatbots has become increasingly popular in various industries, including customer service and online support. However, officials in the UK are warning that these AI-powered chatbots could pose significant cybersecurity threats.

The concern stems from the fact that AI chatbots are designed to interact with users in a conversational manner, often handling sensitive information such as personal data or financial details. This makes them an attractive target for cybercriminals who may exploit vulnerabilities in the AI system to gain unauthorized access to sensitive information.

One of the main concerns highlighted by British officials is the potential for AI chatbots to be manipulated or tricked into revealing confidential information. Hackers could exploit weaknesses in the AI algorithms or use social engineering techniques to deceive the chatbot into divulging sensitive data. This could have serious consequences for individuals and organizations, leading to identity theft, financial fraud, or other cybercr

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