ByteDance’s video editor CapCut targets businesses with AI ad scripts and AI-generated presenters

ByteDance, the parent company of popular social media platform TikTok, is expanding its video editing app CapCut to target businesses with the introduction of AI ad scripts and AI-generated presenters. CapCut, known for its user-friendly interface and powerful editing features, aims to revolutionize the way businesses create and promote their content.

With the integration of AI ad scripts, CapCut allows businesses to effortlessly generate engaging and persuasive advertising scripts. This feature utilizes advanced algorithms to analyze market trends, consumer preferences, and brand-specific data to create compelling ad copy. By automating the scriptwriting process, businesses can save time and resources while ensuring their ads resonate with their target audience.

In addition to AI ad scripts, CapCut introduces AI-generated presenters, enabling businesses to create professional-looking videos without the need for human actors. Leveraging cutting-edge deep learning technology, CapCut’s AI-generated presenters can mimic human-like movements, expressions, and speech patterns. This breakthrough feature eliminates the need for costly video shoots

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