Consultants using AI do better, especially underperformers: study – AFR

A recent study conducted by the Australian Financial Review (AFR) has revealed that consultants who utilize artificial intelligence (AI) technology perform significantly better, particularly when it comes to assisting underperforming individuals or businesses. The study’s findings shed light on the transformative impact of AI in the consulting industry, highlighting its ability to enhance problem-solving capabilities and drive more effective outcomes.

Traditionally, consultants have relied on their expertise and experience to provide valuable insights and recommendations to clients. However, the integration of AI into their practices has revolutionized the way consultants operate, enabling them to leverage vast amounts of data and advanced algorithms to generate more accurate and efficient solutions.

The AFR study analyzed the performance of consultants who incorporated AI tools into their work processes compared to those who relied solely on conventional methods. The results were striking, with AI-powered consultants consistently outperforming their counterparts across various metrics.

One area where AI excelled was in assisting underperforming individuals or businesses. By leveraging AI’s analytical capabilities, consultants were

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