DoorDash debuts AI-powered voice ordering service – SiliconANGLE

DoorDash, the popular food delivery platform, has announced the launch of its new AI-powered voice ordering service. The company aims to enhance the customer experience by leveraging artificial intelligence technology to streamline the ordering process.

With this new feature, DoorDash users can now place their food orders using voice commands. By simply speaking into their smartphones or smart speakers, customers can effortlessly navigate through the menu options and place their desired orders. This innovative service eliminates the need for manual input, making the ordering process faster and more convenient.

The AI-powered voice ordering service is designed to understand and interpret natural language, ensuring accurate and efficient order placement. It can handle complex requests, such as customizing orders or requesting specific dietary preferences. This advanced technology also learns from user interactions, continuously improving its understanding and response capabilities.

DoorDash’s decision to introduce this voice ordering service comes as the demand for contactless and hands-free experiences continues to rise. With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, customers are increasingly seeking ways to minimize physical contact

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