Eldercare robot ElliQ nabs another $25 million in funding – TechCrunch

Eldercare robot ElliQ has recently secured an additional $25 million in funding, according to a report by TechCrunch. The funding round was led by a prominent venture capital firm, bringing the total investment in the company to date to $51 million.

ElliQ, developed by Intuition Robotics, is an innovative robot designed to provide companionship and assistance to the elderly. The robot utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning algorithms to interact with its users, offering personalized recommendations, reminders, and entertainment options.

The latest funding will enable Intuition Robotics to further enhance ElliQ’s capabilities and expand its market reach. The company aims to improve the robot’s natural language processing and emotional intelligence, allowing it to better understand and respond to the needs of its users. Additionally, the funding will support the development of new features and services to enhance the overall user experience.

ElliQ has gained significant attention and recognition in the eldercare industry due to its ability to combat loneliness and social isolation

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