Exclusive: Google pledges $20 million for responsible AI fund – Axios

Google has recently made a significant commitment to promoting responsible artificial intelligence (AI) by pledging $20 million for a dedicated fund. This exclusive announcement comes as part of Google’s ongoing efforts to address the ethical concerns surrounding AI technology.

The fund aims to support organizations and projects that focus on developing AI in a responsible and ethical manner. Google recognizes the potential of AI to revolutionize various industries, but also acknowledges the need for responsible development to ensure its positive impact on society.

By allocating $20 million to this fund, Google aims to foster innovation and research that prioritizes ethical considerations. The company believes that responsible AI development should encompass transparency, fairness, accountability, and privacy. This fund will provide financial support to initiatives that align with these principles.

Google’s commitment to responsible AI is not new. The company has been actively involved in addressing the ethical challenges associated with AI technology. In 2018, Google released a set of AI principles, outlining its commitment to developing AI that is socially beneficial and avoids harm

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