Florida prisons use artificial intelligence to surveil calls – Tampa Bay Times

Florida prisons have recently implemented artificial intelligence (AI) technology to monitor inmate phone calls. This move aims to enhance security measures and prevent illegal activities within correctional facilities. The AI system, developed by a company called Securus Technologies, analyzes and transcribes conversations, alerting prison staff to any suspicious or potentially dangerous content.

By utilizing AI, Florida prisons can now monitor a significantly larger volume of calls, ensuring a more comprehensive surveillance system. The technology is capable of detecting keywords and phrases associated with criminal activities, such as drug trafficking, gang involvement, or escape plans. This proactive approach allows prison staff to intervene promptly and prevent potential threats.

The AI system also assists in identifying unauthorized communication patterns, such as calls to victims or witnesses, which can help prevent intimidation or harassment. Additionally, it can detect any attempts to bypass security measures, such as using code words or speaking in coded languages.

While the implementation of AI surveillance in prisons has raised concerns about privacy, prison officials emphasize that the technology is solely used

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