Google adds a switch for publishers to opt out of becoming AI training data – The Verge

Google has recently introduced a new feature that allows publishers to opt out of having their content used as training data for artificial intelligence (AI) models. This move comes as a response to concerns raised by publishers regarding the use of their content without explicit permission.

The tech giant has been utilizing vast amounts of online content to train its AI algorithms, which are used in various applications such as language translation, image recognition, and search results improvement. However, this practice has faced criticism from publishers who argue that their content is being used without their consent or compensation.

With the introduction of this new switch, publishers now have the ability to control whether their content is included in Google’s AI training data. By opting out, publishers can ensure that their content is not used to train AI models, thereby addressing their concerns about unauthorized usage.

This move by Google demonstrates the company’s commitment to addressing the concerns of publishers and respecting their rights over their content. It also highlights the growing importance of consent and transparency in the use of data

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