Google and YouTube are trying to have it both ways with AI and copyright – The Verge

Google and YouTube, two of the biggest players in the tech industry, are finding themselves caught in a complex web of artificial intelligence (AI) and copyright issues. As they strive to harness the power of AI to improve user experience and content moderation, they are also facing criticism for their handling of copyright infringement.

On one hand, Google and YouTube have been at the forefront of AI development, utilizing machine learning algorithms to enhance their platforms. AI has enabled them to provide personalized recommendations, filter out inappropriate content, and even detect copyright violations. These advancements have undoubtedly improved user satisfaction and made the platforms more efficient.

However, the implementation of AI in content moderation has not been without its challenges. YouTube, in particular, has faced backlash for its automated copyright detection system, known as Content ID. While the system was designed to protect copyright holders by identifying and flagging infringing content, it has often been criticized for false positives and unfairly targeting creators.

Creators have complained that their original content is being flagged and demonet

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