Google releases Duet AI for Workspace; new Meet, Chat tools – TechTarget

Google has recently unveiled its latest addition to the Workspace suite, the Duet AI. This innovative tool aims to enhance productivity and collaboration within the platform by integrating new features into Google Meet and Google Chat.

With Duet AI, Google Meet users can now enjoy a more seamless and efficient meeting experience. The tool leverages artificial intelligence to provide real-time suggestions and assistance during video conferences. It can automatically generate live captions, transcribe meetings, and even suggest relevant documents or files based on the ongoing discussion. This not only improves accessibility but also helps participants stay focused and engaged throughout the meeting.

In addition to the enhancements in Google Meet, Duet AI also brings exciting new features to Google Chat. Users can now benefit from smart suggestions while composing messages, making it easier to find and insert relevant information. The AI-powered tool can suggest files, contacts, and even recommended actions based on the context of the conversation. This streamlines communication and saves valuable time for users, allowing them to be more productive in their

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