‘Harry Potter’ UK Audiobooks Narrator Stephen Fry Warns That AI Ripoff Of His Voice Is Only …

Harry Potter fans and audiobook enthusiasts have been left disappointed and concerned after learning that an AI technology has been used to create a ripoff of Stephen Fry’s iconic voice. The renowned British actor and narrator, famous for his captivating narration of the Harry Potter audiobooks in the UK, recently spoke out about this alarming development.

Fry, who has lent his voice to all seven books in J.K. Rowling’s beloved series, expressed his dismay at the AI-generated imitation of his voice. He warned fans that this imitation is far from the real thing and urged them to be cautious when encountering such content.

The rise of artificial intelligence has undoubtedly brought numerous advancements and conveniences to our lives. However, the unauthorized use of AI to replicate someone’s voice raises ethical concerns and copyright issues. Fry emphasized that the AI-generated voice lacks the depth, emotion, and personal touch that he brings to his narration. He stressed that the unique connection he has with the characters and the story cannot be replicated by a machine

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