How many robot journalists are out there?

As technology continues to advance, the presence of robot journalists in the media industry is becoming increasingly prevalent. These automated systems are capable of generating news articles and reports without human intervention. However, determining the exact number of robot journalists currently in operation is a challenging task.

One of the leading providers of robot journalism is Automated Insights, a company that developed a platform called Wordsmith. This platform uses natural language generation (NLG) algorithms to transform raw data into coherent news articles. Automated Insights boasts a client base that includes major news organizations such as the Associated Press, Yahoo, and Microsoft. With such prominent clients, it is evident that robot journalists have already made significant inroads into the media landscape.

Another notable player in the field is Narrative Science, which offers a similar NLG-based platform called Quill. Like Wordsmith, Quill can analyze data and generate written content in a matter of seconds. Narrative Science has partnered with various companies across industries, including finance, sports, and healthcare, indicating the widespread

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