In A New Era Of Deepfakes, AI Makes Real News Anchors Report Fake Stories – Forbes

In recent years, the rise of deepfake technology has ushered in a new era of misinformation and deception. Deepfakes, which are highly realistic manipulated videos created using artificial intelligence (AI), have become a growing concern for society. Now, in a disturbing development, AI is being used to make real news anchors report fake stories.

This alarming trend has raised serious questions about the future of journalism and the credibility of news sources. With the ability to manipulate videos so convincingly, deepfakes have the potential to undermine public trust in the media and further blur the line between fact and fiction.

The technology behind deepfakes has advanced rapidly, allowing anyone with basic technical skills to create highly realistic videos that are nearly impossible to distinguish from genuine footage. By using AI algorithms, these videos can seamlessly superimpose the face and voice of one person onto another, making it appear as though the person in the video is saying or doing things they never actually did.

While deepfakes have primarily been used

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