Meta unveils ‘creepy’ AI chatbot that looks exactly like Kendall Jenner

Meta, the tech giant, has recently unveiled its latest creation, an AI chatbot that has left many people feeling uneasy. This new chatbot, which bears an uncanny resemblance to supermodel Kendall Jenner, has been dubbed “creepy” by some due to its incredibly realistic appearance.

The AI chatbot, developed by Meta’s team of engineers and designers, utilizes advanced deep learning algorithms to mimic Jenner’s facial features, expressions, and mannerisms. The result is an eerily lifelike virtual representation of the famous model, capable of engaging in conversations with users.

While the technology behind this AI chatbot is undoubtedly impressive, it has sparked a debate about the ethical implications of creating such realistic virtual personas. Critics argue that this level of realism blurs the line between reality and fiction, potentially leading to deceptive practices or even identity theft.

Furthermore, concerns have been raised about the potential impact on mental health. Some worry that interacting with an AI chatbot that looks exactly like a famous person could

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