Meta’s AI chatbot plan includes a ‘sassy robot’ for younger users – The Verge

Meta, the company behind the recently rebranded Facebook, has revealed its plans for an AI chatbot that includes a “sassy robot” specifically designed for younger users. The company aims to create a more engaging and interactive experience for children and teenagers, while also ensuring their safety online.

The sassy robot, named “MetaBot,” will be equipped with advanced natural language processing capabilities, allowing it to understand and respond to users’ queries and conversations. It will have a playful and witty personality, designed to appeal to younger audiences and keep them entertained.

Meta’s AI chatbot plan is part of the company’s broader strategy to expand its offerings beyond social media and into the realm of virtual assistants. By targeting younger users, Meta hopes to establish a strong presence in the growing market of AI-powered chatbots.

However, Meta is also aware of the potential risks associated with AI chatbots interacting with children. To address this concern, the company is implementing strict safety measures, including content moderation and parental controls

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