OriginTrail’s 1st DKG Conference brings together Internet, Artificial Intelligence … – Yahoo Finance

OriginTrail, a leading blockchain-based supply chain solution provider, recently hosted its first Decentralized Knowledge Graph (DKG) Conference. The event brought together experts and enthusiasts from various fields, including the Internet, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and blockchain technology. The conference aimed to explore the potential of DKG in revolutionizing supply chain management and fostering collaboration among different industries.

The DKG Conference provided a platform for participants to discuss the latest advancements in DKG technology and its applications in supply chain management. OriginTrail’s DKG is a decentralized network that enables the creation and sharing of trusted data across supply chains. By utilizing blockchain and AI technologies, DKG ensures data integrity, transparency, and interoperability, thereby enhancing efficiency and trust in supply chain operations.

During the conference, industry leaders and experts shared their insights on how DKG can address the challenges faced by supply chains, such as data silos, lack of transparency, and trust issues. They emphasized the importance of collaboration and knowledge sharing among stakeholders

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