Singapore workers are the world’s fastest in adopting AI skills, LinkedIn report says – CNBC

According to a recent report by LinkedIn, workers in Singapore are leading the global race in adopting artificial intelligence (AI) skills. The report highlights Singapore’s workforce as the fastest in the world to embrace and develop AI-related skills.

LinkedIn’s data reveals that Singaporean professionals are actively seeking opportunities to upskill themselves in AI, with a significant increase in AI-related job postings and a surge in professionals acquiring AI skills. This trend indicates a strong commitment from Singapore’s workforce to stay ahead in the rapidly evolving digital landscape.

The report also emphasizes the importance of AI skills in today’s job market. As AI continues to transform industries and job roles, professionals who possess AI skills are in high demand. Singapore’s workers seem to recognize this, as they actively pursue AI-related training and education to enhance their employability and remain competitive.

The Singaporean government’s initiatives to promote AI adoption and development have played a crucial role in fostering this rapid growth. The government has been actively investing in AI research and development, encouraging collaborations

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