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The Defects of Human and Artificial Intelligence

In today’s rapidly advancing technological landscape, both human and artificial intelligence have become integral parts of our lives. While these forms of intelligence have undoubtedly brought about numerous benefits and advancements, it is important to acknowledge their inherent defects. This article explores the limitations and shortcomings of both human and artificial intelligence, as discussed in a recent piece published in The Wall Street Journal.

Human intelligence, despite its remarkable capabilities, is far from perfect. One of its major defects is cognitive bias. Humans are prone to making decisions based on personal beliefs, emotions, and preconceived notions, which can lead to flawed judgments. This bias can hinder progress and innovation, as it limits our ability to think objectively and consider alternative perspectives.

Another defect of human intelligence is its limited capacity for processing and retaining information. Our brains have a finite capacity, and as a result, we often struggle with information overload. This limitation can lead to errors, forgetfulness, and difficulty in making complex decisions

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