Tom Hanks warns fans of AI ad using his likeness: ‘Beware’ – Today Show

Tom Hanks, the beloved Hollywood actor, has recently issued a warning to his fans regarding the use of his likeness in an artificial intelligence (AI) advertisement. In a recent appearance on the Today Show, Hanks expressed his concerns and urged people to be cautious.

The renowned actor, known for his roles in iconic movies such as Forrest Gump and Cast Away, discovered that his image was being used without his permission in an AI advertisement. Hanks emphasized the importance of protecting one’s likeness and the potential dangers associated with AI technology.

During the interview, Hanks stressed that the unauthorized use of his image in this AI ad was a clear violation of his rights. He expressed his disappointment and concern about the implications of such technology, as it opens the door for potential misuse and manipulation.

Hanks urged his fans and the general public to be vigilant and skeptical when encountering AI-generated content. He emphasized the need for individuals to be aware of the potential risks and to question the authenticity of any content that utilizes

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