Top Hong Kong university drops ban on ChatGPT in coursework by students

Top Hong Kong university lifts ban on ChatGPT in student coursework

In a significant move, one of Hong Kong’s leading universities has decided to drop its ban on the use of ChatGPT in student coursework. The decision comes as a response to the growing recognition of the potential benefits that artificial intelligence (AI) language models can offer in academic settings.

Previously, the university had prohibited students from utilizing ChatGPT, an advanced language model developed by OpenAI, in their coursework. The ban was primarily implemented due to concerns over the model’s reliability and potential for misuse. However, after careful evaluation and consideration, the university has now revised its stance.

The decision to lift the ban on ChatGPT reflects a broader acknowledgment of the model’s capabilities and its potential to enhance students’ learning experiences. By allowing students to incorporate ChatGPT into their coursework, the university aims to foster a more dynamic and interactive learning environment.

ChatGPT, powered by deep learning algorithms, enables users to engage in

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