US District Court: No copyright registration for AI-generated works – Ynetnews

In a recent ruling, the US District Court has declared that copyright registration cannot be granted for works generated by artificial intelligence (AI). The decision comes as a significant development in the ongoing debate surrounding the legal status of AI-generated content.

The case in question involved a dispute over the copyright ownership of a painting created entirely by an AI algorithm. The plaintiff, an artist who developed the algorithm, argued that they should be granted copyright protection for the artwork. However, the court ruled against this claim, stating that copyright law only extends to works created by human authors.

The court’s decision was based on the interpretation of the Copyright Act, which defines copyright as the exclusive right of human authors to their original works. The judge emphasized that the law does not provide any provisions for AI or other non-human entities to claim copyright ownership.

This ruling has significant implications for the future of AI-generated content. It clarifies that AI algorithms, no matter how sophisticated or creative they may be, cannot be considered legal authors under current

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