We Asked AI to Write a Duet Between Paul McCartney and George Harrison – Check Out the Results

Title: AI-Generated Duet: Paul McCartney and George Harrison Unite in Song

In a fascinating experiment, we decided to tap into the creative potential of artificial intelligence (AI) by asking it to compose a duet between two legendary musicians, Paul McCartney and George Harrison. These iconic Beatles bandmates, known for their exceptional songwriting abilities, have left an indelible mark on the music industry. Now, with the help of AI, we present the intriguing results of this unique collaboration.

Verse 1 (Paul McCartney):
(Verse 1)
In the twilight of our dreams, we’ll find a way
To harmonize our voices, like a sunlit ray
Paul’s melodic voice, tender and true
Guiding us through emotions, old and new

Chorus (Paul McCartney and George Harrison):
Together we’ll sing, our voices entwined
A duet of friendship, forever defined
In melodies we’ll soar, like birds

Source (americansongwriter.com)

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