Web traffic to ChatGPT has decreased for three months in a row – Broadcast Cover

Title: Web Traffic to ChatGPT Experiences Three Consecutive Months of Decrease – Broadcast Cover

[Opening Segment]
Anchor: Good evening, and welcome to tonight’s broadcast. Our top story focuses on the recent decline in web traffic to ChatGPT, the popular language model developed by OpenAI. Over the past three months, the platform has witnessed a significant decrease in user engagement, raising concerns among experts and enthusiasts alike. Our correspondent, [Correspondent Name], has been following this development closely and joins us now with more details. [Correspondent Name], what can you tell us about this decline in web traffic to ChatGPT?

[Correspondent Segment]
Correspondent: Thank you, [Anchor Name]. Indeed, the decline in web traffic to ChatGPT has been a cause for concern. According to the latest data, the platform has experienced a steady decrease in user activity over the past three months. This decline is evident in the number of unique visitors,

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