What are governments doing to try to regulate AI? – Euronews

Artificial intelligence (AI) has become a rapidly advancing technology that has the potential to revolutionize various sectors of society. However, its rapid development has also raised concerns about potential risks and ethical implications. In response, governments around the world are taking steps to regulate AI in order to ensure its responsible and ethical use.

One of the primary concerns regarding AI is its potential impact on employment. As AI technology continues to advance, there is a fear that it may replace human workers, leading to job losses and economic disruption. To address this, governments are exploring ways to regulate AI to ensure a smooth transition and minimize the negative impact on the workforce. This includes implementing policies that promote retraining and upskilling programs to equip workers with the necessary skills to adapt to the changing job market.

Another area of concern is the ethical use of AI. Governments are increasingly recognizing the need for regulations that ensure AI systems are developed and deployed in a manner that respects human rights, privacy, and fairness. This includes addressing issues

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