Why generative AI is ‘alchemy,’ not science

Title: Why Generative AI is ‘Alchemy,’ Not Science

Generative AI, a field that focuses on creating artificial intelligence systems capable of generating new content, has gained significant attention in recent years. While it has shown remarkable advancements, some argue that it is more akin to alchemy than science. This article explores the reasons behind this claim, highlighting the unpredictable and mysterious nature of generative AI.

1. The Quest for the Unknown:
Alchemy, an ancient practice, was driven by the pursuit of transforming base metals into gold and discovering the elixir of life. Similarly, generative AI aims to create something new and valuable, often without a clear understanding of the underlying mechanisms. It involves experimenting with algorithms and models, hoping to stumble upon groundbreaking results.

2. The Role of Serendipity:
Both alchemy and generative AI rely on serendipitous discoveries. Alchemists stumbled upon new compounds and reactions by chance, just as generative AI models sometimes produce unexpected

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